Fractions Equal to 1

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Would you rather have a pizza with 8 slices or one the same size with 10 slices? If a fraction is part of a whole, how can fractions equal a whole? Learn the answers well enough to teach others.



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • If you had to choose between two pizzas that were the same size, but one had 5 slices and one had 8 slices, which pizza would you choose?

Fractions are used to name parts of a whole.

Fractions that are equal to 1 name a whole. A fraction is a whole when the numerator and denominator have the same value. Discuss with an adult or teacher what you remember about numerator and denominator.

Two halves make a whole (½ + ½ = 1). The same is true for other fractions with an equal value for a numerator and denominator, such as four fourths, five fifths, or ten tenths. Whenever the numerator and denominator of a fraction are equal (but not zero), the fraction is equal to 1. In order to make equivalent fractions, you need to use fractions that are equal to 1. If you are able to create fractions that are equal to 1, it will help you understand how to complete other problems involving fractions.

Example 1

Write a fraction equal to 1 that has a denominator of 5.

A fraction equal to 1 that has a denominator of 5 would also have a numerator of 5, so we write 55.

Example 2

Add 27 + 57 =

When 27 and 57 are added together, the sum is 77. Remember to add the numerators and keep the denominator the same. Fraction answers should always be written in simplest form, so 77 equals 1.

Example 3

Compare 544 and 6.

544 is a mixed number. A mixed number is a number with a whole number and a fraction. The mixed number 544 means 5 + 44. Since 44 equals 1, the addition of 5 + 44 is the same as 5 + 1, which is 6. We find that 544 and 6 are equal.

Example 4

Mary bought 236 bags of candy for her birthday party. She already had 236 bags of candy at home. How many bags of candy does she have for her party?

Add and find the sum of 236 and 236, which is 466. The mixed number 466 means 4 + 66. Since 66 equals 1, the addition of 4 + 66 is the same as 4 + 1, which is 5. Mary has 5 bags of candy.

Discuss with an adult or teacher how you can identify a fraction that is equal to 1.

In the Got It? section, you will practice writing, comparing, and adding fractions that are equal to 1 through interactive practice and games.

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