Famished Fire: No Air, No Fire

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Were you ever in a situation where you found it hard to breathe? Maybe you were under water or under the covers. Now you know what fire feels like when it has no air! Learn to trick a trick candle!


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  • Have you ever seen candles on a birthday cake that never go out?

No matter how hard you blow, the flame will not stop burning! Those candles are tricky things! At first, you may think that you have blown them out; but after a few seconds, the flame will start to burn again!

  • Did you know that there is a special trick to make them go out and stay out for good?

Keep reading to find out how!

Air is a very important part of both our lives and the things around us.

Plants and animals also need air in order to grow and live!

  • But did you know that fire needs oxygen — a key component of air — in order to burn?

If you were to cut off a fire’s supply of oxygen, the flame will use all the oxygen it can get and then go out!

  • How can you cut off the supply of oxygen to a fire?

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Let’s see what Flo is up to and if she can tell us more about air and fire!

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