San Francisco's Golden Wonder

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Why is the Golden Gate Bridge called that when it has no gate? Why's the bridge so special? Read about its life "span" and the reason this beautiful structure is one of the Seven Wonders of the World!


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  • How long do you think it takes to cross this bridge?
  • Where does it take you?

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate Strait.

The Golden Gate Strait is a narrow waterway that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. Suspension bridges use cables to suspend, or support, the roadway.

The Golden Gate Bridge, which gets its name from the Golden Gate Strait that the bridge crosses, was built to connect the city of San Francisco to neighboring cities across the Golden Gate Strait. The bridge was opened to commuters on May 27, 1937 and remains a historic landmark in the United States.

Watch the following video presentation by the History Channel to learn more about the construction and design about the Golden Gate Bridge. As you view Deconstructing History: Golden Gate Bridge | History, take note of five facts about the bridge:

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  • What new facts or details did you discover from the video presentation?

The Seven Wonders of the Modern World is a list recognizing seven landmarks, monuments, and extraordinary structures around the globe. It is compiled by the American Association of Civil Engineers.

  • Why do you think the Golden Gate Bridge is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World?
  • What specifics set it apart from other famous bridges?

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