Strength at the Poles!

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Do you have magnets sticking to your refrigerator or a filing cabinet or other surface at home? Have you ever wondered how they stick there without tape or glue? Stick with us - you'll learn about it!


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  • Which side of the magnet is stronger: the north side or the south side?

This isn't about the American Civil War, so keep reading to find out if either side of the magnet wins!

You have probably seen magnets stick to the door of your refrigerator.

Magnetism seems like a simple theory, right?

  • Did you know that the idea and concept of magnetism is so complex that it confuses even the most brilliant scientists who ever lived?

So, if you think magnetism may get a little confusing throughout this series, don't worry! You will come to understand magnetism a little bit more each day as you practice putting magnets to the test.

  • Have you ever looked closely at a magnet and tried to figure out where the magnetic pull comes from?

This may sound like a crazy idea at first, but it is a common question.

  • Where does the magnetism of a magnet come from?

Let’s join Dr. Z to see what else he can add to the discussion of magnetism!

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As described in the video, the magnetic field is the area around the magnet in which a magnetic force can be noticed. The iron filings were attracted to the center of each of the carboard pieces where the magnets were located.

  • Did you know that the earth has a magentic field as well?

The south pole of the earth's magentic field is located in the geographical north pole of the earth. On the other hand, the north pole of the earth's magentic field is located in the geographical south pole of the earth.

  • Does this sound confusing?

Check out Magnetism for Kids, by Smart Learning for All, to learn more!Image - Video


Next, continue on to the Got It? section to discover more science about magnets!

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