Greek Mythology

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When something goes wrong, someone usually gets blamed! When ancient Greeks had to blame someone for natural events, they made up gods and goddesses with super powers! You get to make up your own now!


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  • Did you know that in Ancient Greece, people believed that lightning bolts struck when the god Zeus was angry?
  • Do we believe that today?

In ancient Greece, the people of that era believed in many different gods and goddesses.

They admired and worshipped these gods. Part of their religion included myths, or stories, about each of the gods that demonstrated their strengths, powers, etc. "Myth" is short for "mythology," and is defined as a set of legends, stories, or beliefs, especially ones that have a religious or cultural tradition. Some of the stories described gods using their power for good and others for trickery. Many people would share their myths about each of the gods. Sometimes, the stories they told varied; however, the personality and power attributed to each god or goddess were always the same.

Below are names and pictures of a few Greek gods that were important figures during that time period:

  • Zeus, considered the king of all the gods, could throw lightning bolts:

  • Athena — A goddess born from Zeus’ brain. She was considered the goddess of wisdom and war:

  • Hades — He was Zeus' and Poseidon's brother. Hades was considered the ruler of the underworld:

  • Hercules — He was considered to be half man and half god. His mother was mortal (or human) and his father was the powerful Zeus:

  • Poseidon — He was believed to have lived in a palace under the sea:

  • Pegasus — He was believed to be a flying horse. His father was Poseidon, but he could not live under the sea:

For more information about each of these gods and goddess, please visit Greek Myths for Kids by Read the information for each of the gods listed on the website.

Once you have finished reviewing the information, continue to the Got It? section, where you will watch a short video on Greek mythology and answer a few questions.

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