Lao Tzu Versus Confucius

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Are you a doer or a whatever-er? One tries to change things for what they think is better, whereas the others slide through life. Learn about two ancient philosophers from both camps


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It is natural to try to control situations and work hard to improve things.

  • When, though, is it time to just let go?

Some people like to control things.

They like to feel that they are in charge and can manage a situation. Those people are often highly organized, keep a day planner, or make notes on their calendars.

Then some are more laid back.

They like to take things as they come. They are pleased to let other people run the show. They may believe that fate is in charge and that we humans can plan and plan, but things will happen as they are supposed to happen.

You may hear some people talking about Alpha or Type-A personalities. The A-type personality is the kind of person who likes to take control of the situation.

In contrast, the Type-B personality is the kind of person who likes to relax a little bit more and let fate or other people take charge.

  • Which type are you more like?

Write a short response in your journal and explain why you think so.

Then, take this Type A vs. Type B Personality Quiz to see which type you may be more like.

When you are done, reflect on the following questions and record your responses in your journal.

  • Which personality type is better to be, in your opinion? What makes you think so?
  • How do you feel about your personality type?
  • Do you think it’s possible to change your personality type? Why or why not?

For many centuries, people have been thinking about just how much of the world we can or should control.

In the Got It? section, gather information about two great thinkers of Ancient China who debated this very issue!

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