Jumping Electrons!

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We have all heard of jumping jacks, jumping rope, and even jumping beans, but have you ever heard of jumping electrons? Guess what ... they have something to do with lightning! Let's check it out!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Have you ever been struck by lightning?

Perhaps you have and did not realize it!

As you may already know, electricity is the movement of tiny little particles called electrons.

Electrons have a negative charge.

You might have also learned about protons, which have a positive charge, and that these two particles are attracted to each other.

Most things around us have an equal amount of protons and electrons. However, if there is a smaller amount of protons then electrons; the extra electrons are free to leave and find another atom to live in.

When these electrons are on the move, electricity is the result.

Now that you've had a quick review, here's a question for you:

  • Have you ever seen an electron jump?
  • Doesn't it sound crazy?

Let's watch How Electrons Become Electricity, from quarkedproject, to learn more about protons and electrons!

Jump on over to the Got It? section to spark your imagination!

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