Litmus Paper ... What Is THAT for?

Contributor: Kaitlyn Zimmerman. Lesson ID: 12513

What is litmus paper? Can you read it? Can you wrap presents in it? Litmus paper is a cool scientific tool that lets you tell if something is acid, base, or neutral. Dr. Z will tell you all about it!


Chemistry, Earth Science

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If someone held out their hand and said to you, “Can you please pass me the litmus paper strips?” would you know what they are talking about? Where would that happen, anyway? It's good to know; you can't be "neutral" about it!

Substances can be identified as an acid, a base, or neutral, by dipping them into red cabbage juice.

Really? You may think this sounds odd — plus, making cabbage juice every time you want to test a substance is a lot of work!

  • Is there another way you can test a substance without using red cabbage juice?

Thankfully, there is! The test includes the use of litmus paper!

  • You've heard of newspaper and tissue paper, but what is litmus paper?

Dr. Z mentioned it in our last experiment, so do you remember?

Before we find out, if you missed or want to review the previous Acids and Bases lessons, you can find them in the Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar.

Let’s join Dr. Z to see what he is “cooking up” in his lab today and see if we can get these questions answered!

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Continue on to the Got It? section to consider uses for litmus paper.

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