Slimy Goodness!

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Who would have thought we would go to the store and pay money to buy ... slime? And then play with it? If you're going to play with slime, why not make your own? Yes, it is fun AND educational, too!



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Everyone likes to play with slime, especially when they have lots of it. You can make your very own slime supply, right at home!

As you learned in the previous Matter lesson, found under Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar, some substances can be found in two phases at one time.

Some matter can hold a shape like a solid, but also be fluid like a liquid. When matter is like this, it is known by a special name.

  • Do you remember what matter is called when it is found in two phases at once? (Hint: it is named after a well-known scientist.)

Slime is another example of matter that is found in two phases at once.

  • Have you ever wondered how slime is created — or even better — how to create it yourself?
  • What does slime contain that makes it so... slimy?

Sometimes, slime can be considered a solid; however, slime can also be considered a liquid! It all depends on how you make it!

  • Are you ready to make your own slime, just the way you like it?

You can't wait to get started, but it may be wise to make some space for yourself and use materials that you don’t mind getting messy, because *Wow!* slime can make things REALLY sticky!

  • Are you ready to get started on seeing just how slime can be either a solid or a liquid, depending on how you make it?

Join Dr. Jo to learn more!

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Substances such as slime, quicksand, and even toothpaste, are difficult to classify as a solid or a liquid. This is because these substances are just like the oobleck you made in the last experiment. Since these types of substances don't follow Newton's laws for the three states of matter, they are sometimes called "non-Newtonian fluids." They do not hold a shape like a solid, but they do not flow like a liquid, either.

  • Can you think of any other substances that have similar properties?

Perhaps by now, your brain is feeling like slime, so move on to the Got It? section to prepare to learn new things!

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