Sharing Scientific Data

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Did you ever find something neat or hear good news and want to share it with others? Scientists do that all the time when they discover important data! Try this on your own with some "sound" research!


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Would you like to change the world when you get older? "Who me? I can't!" Sure you can! Discover some ways scientists have changed the world!

Scientists are responsible for changing the world in many ways.

Think about some things scientists have done that caused the world to change. For example, the invention of cars allows people to travel from place to place more quickly than walking. What are some ways scientists have changed the world for you? Share at least two examples of how scientists have made a difference in your life.

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When a scientist is completing a study, conducting an experiment, or creating an invention, it is important for the scientist to collect data. Data is just another way of saying information. It is important for scientists to collect data, because this information can be used to share findings with other scientists, government officials, and people all around the world. The more data a scientist has, the better the study, experiment, or invention will be.


Pretend you are the president of the United States. You ask two scientists to study air pollution. Which scientist below do you think did a better job?

  • Scientist 1 The first scientist studied air pollution in New York City. He writes about how the cars in New York City are polluting the air.
  • Scientist 2 The second scientist also studied air pollution. This scientist studied air pollution in New York City, Chicago, Miami, and Las Vegas. During the study, the scientist took notes about all the different things that were causing air pollution in each different city. The scientist wrote a study about how cars, factories, and small businesses were causing air pollution. The scientist also came up with ways to prevent air pollution and clean up the air in many of the cities in the United States.

Scientist 2 was more effective than Scientist 1. The second scientist collected more data and went above and beyond by finding out ways to prevent air pollution.

It is very important that scientists collect as much data as possible. The data can be used to create change all over the world. You are going to practice collecting data in the Got It? section, so are you ready to start a fun study?

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