Queen Nzinga Mbandi

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Fierce, determined, courageous -- Queen Nzinga Mbandi of Angola stood in the face of adversity with unrelenting strength and tenacity. Today, she is remembered as Angola's fearless warrior queen!



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You may have heard of Queen Elizabeth II, but have you heard about Queen Nzinga Mbandi?

Queen Nzinga

Image by Achille Devéria, via Wikimedia Commons, is in the public domain.

Queen Nzinga Mbandi of Angola was a great 17th-century ruler who fought fearlessly to protect her kingdoms from Portuguese attacks, colonial rule, and the horrors of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Continue reading to learn more about this timeless warrior queen!

Queen Nzinga was born in 1583 in the African kingdom of Ndongo, which is today known as Angola.

If you don't know where Angola is, take a look at the map below to see where it is located:

map of Angola

As a woman and future queen, Nzinga overcame many obstacles to emerge as one of Africa's fiercest leaders. During her reign, Queen Nzinga was known as a skilled negotiator who was not easily scared by the powerful Portuguese army who wanted to enslave and colonize her people.

Queen Nzinga

Image by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, via Wikimedia Commons, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

To discover more about Queen Nzinga and her accomplishments, take a look at this video presented by BBC AFRICA, Queen Nzinga Mbandi - African Women You Need to Know:

Image - Video


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