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Do you like to be asked what you think about decisions like where to go on vacation and where to eat out? Surveys ask people what they want or think so fair decisions can be made. Learn how they work!


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Pretend you are going to have a birthday party. You are inviting 13 friends. You plan to serve chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. You want all your guests to have the flavor they like the best. How can you figure out how many chocolate cupcakes to make and how many vanilla cupcakes to make?

You could take a survey to figure out how many cupcakes to make in each flavor.

A survey is a question or list of questions used to gather information about an individual or group.

  1. To survey your friends about their favorite cupcake flavor, you could make a chart.
  2. Then, you would label the chart with the question and the choices of flavors.
  3. Next, you will ask your friends which flavor each person prefers.
  4. To record the answers, you could write down their names in each column or you could make tally marks.
  5. When you make your tally marks, you draw one line down in the column for each person who makes the choice. When you get to the number 5, you cross four lines. Look at the picture to see how to cross tally marks when you make a group of five:

Once you have surveyed all your guests, you can add up the responses, and then you are ready to make your cupcakes. See the charts below for an example of a survey for favorite flavor of cupcakes:

What flavor cupcake do you like?

    Chocolate Vanilla
    John Michael
    Anthony Gianna
    Christopher Jude
    Julian Leah
    Julie Molly
    Angie Suzie
  Total 7 6


What flavor cupcake do you like?

    Chocolate Vanilla
    1111 11 1111 1
  Total 7 6


Making surveys can be a fun way to get to know your friends and family!

Move to the Got It? section to learn more about surveys.

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