Division With Equal Groups

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Do you like yummy snacks? Learning about division and equal groups is much more fun when it's hands-on! Use food to see how division looks by creating models that represent division number sentences!


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  • Did you know that your food can help you learn math?

Learn how to divide while having a snack!

math equation with a beetroot, carrot, onion, and turnip

Don't worry. You get to pick your own snack!

Now is your chance to find your snack!

It needs to be something where you can eat 6 pieces, like crackers, grapes, cookies, blueberries, chocolate chips, or fruit snacks.

But hold on! You cannot eat your snack until the end of the lesson!

candy hearts

Now, you have 6 pieces of a snack, like heart candies.

This is the total amount you will be dividing.

Divide means to split a total number into parts using equal groups.

First, divide your 6 snack pieces into 2 groups.

Add one snack piece to each group until you put all 6 pieces into a group.

Click through the slides to see all 6 heart candies divided into equal groups.

Image - Video

Your snack pieces should look like this last above image.

You started with 6 total snack pieces. You divided them into 2 equal groups. Each group has 3 pieces of snacks.

You just divided!

Now, you can write a division equation to match the equal groups!

6 ÷ 2 = 3

Start over!

This time, divide your 6 snack pieces into one equal group.

6 hearts

  • How many pieces are in your 1 group?

All 6 pieces!

6 divided into 1 equal group. Each group has 6 pieces of snacks.

6 ÷ 1 = 6

Try another!

Try dividing your 6 snack pieces into 4 equal groups.

4 groups of hearts

  • Can you?

Nope! You cannot make equal groups! 6 divided by 4 does not work.

  • Do you see any other ways to divide 6 pieces of the snack into equal groups?

3 equal groups

6 divided into 3 equal groups. Each group has 2 pieces of snacks.

6 ÷ 3 = 2

There is one more way to divide 6 into equal groups!

6 equal groups

6 divided into 6 equal groups. Each group has 1 piece of snack.

6 ÷ 6 = 1

Before you move to the Got It? section, practice dividing with equal groups using different total numbers.

Image - Video

Great job!

Now you are ready for the Got It? section.

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