The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

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Do you like to look at big and unusual buildings? Have you watched big machines in action? Ancient people had the same fascination and made some amazing structures. You will wonder how!



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  • If you could visit the top seven most amazing human-built structures in the world, what — and where — would they be?

Throughout history, human beings have become pretty good at building things.

We can now construct tall buildings with dozens of floors, buildings that tunnel deep into the ground, and buildings submerged in the ocean waters.

A few of these buildings have become worldwide landmarks. One World Trade Center in New York, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and Shanghai Tower in China — these construction wonders have all become famous for being so tall.

You can explore the The World's 10 Tallest Skyscrappers to see these and other modern wonders.

Next, delve into the 21 Buildings That Helped Shape Modern Architecture, From 1945 to Today. As you do, answer the following questions.

  • What makes these buildings so great?
  • What kinds of technology and resources are needed to build them?
  • Which of these buildings do you think will be around in two thousand years?

Review your answers before considering these questions.

  • Why are people so interested in building significant, eye-catching buildings?
  • How do you think the construction of these wonders has changed over the centuries?
  • Having looked at some incredible modern architecture, what are some of the significant buildings of the ancient world that you know about?

You had the chance to examine some of the building wonders of the modern world.

In the Got It? section, explore some of the buildings and other structures considered the ancient world's greatest wonders!

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