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What do you use a table for? Eating? Doing homework? Playing ping pong? Tables are very useful for multiplying numbers. Learn how to use tables for finding number patterns and solving math problems!


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Can you count by 2s? 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, …. How far can you get? Try to get to 50! Now, find an easy way to find the answers!

Multiplication is repeated addition, or using sequences of numbers that form an important pattern.

You have probably learned how to count in patterns, such as counting by 2s or 5s. For example, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, … are all multiples of 2. Multiples are a product of a counting up by a given number. A multiplication table lists the first ten or more multiples of whole numbers. A multiplication table can help you find the answer to multiplication questions such as, “How much is three 9s?” Instead of counting by 9s, we can use the rows and columns of a multiplication table.

In order to use a multiplication table, you need to locate each number you want to multiply. If you want to multiply 3 x 9, you will locate the row that begins with 3 and the column that begins with 9. Then, you look across the row and down the column for the number where the two meet. You can switch the numbers and find the row that begins with 9 and the column that begins with 3, as long as you use the table correctly.

Multiplication charts follow patterns. Let’s look at a multiplication chart and find patterns. Click on the blue lines in order to see the questions and answers:

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Each number you find in a table at a row or column is a factor. Factors are numbers that are multiplied together. The answer to a multiplication problem is called a product. A multiplication table helps you find the product of two factors.

In the multiplication problem, 3 x 9 = 27, the factors are 3 and 9. The product, or answer, is 27.

A multiplication table can help you quickly find the product of two factors. Some people like to learn tricks to remember multiplication facts, but sometimes using a table is the quickest way. Get some practice using a multiplication table in the Got It? section.

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