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What would it be like if you had muddy water to drink, the air smelled funny all the time, and you lived in a garbage dump? This can happen when the Earth is polluted! Do your part to keep it clean!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


In the picture above, what do the green, blue, and white parts represent? Why is that so important to you and everyone?

The Earth is composed of many things, but we can break those things down into three parts: land, water, and air.

Land, water, and air are important parts of human life. How do humans use land, water, and air? Tell your teacher or parent.

Land, water, and air help to support and sustain human life. Therefore, it is important to take care of these natural resources.

Sadly, something called "pollution" is ruining parts of Earth’s land, water, and air. Pollution can have a major impact on life on Earth. You will watch a short video to learn what pollution is and how it is affecting Earth’s land, water, and air. As you watch Pollution Air, Land & Water, discuss the following questions with your teacher or parent. You can pause the video after each section to discuss what you just saw:

  • What is pollution?
  • What causes air pollution?
  • What causes land pollution?
  • What causes water pollution?


How do humans use land? Tell your teacher or parent.

Land is important to human life because it is where we live and what we use to grow crops. Land becomes polluted when the soil is mixed with harmful substances. Dumping chemicals from factories and farming can destroy the soil. Litter and trash can also hurt the soil. Land pollution prevents crops from growing and can kill wildlife.

Air is important to all life on Earth because humans, animals, and plants all need air to breathe and grow. The air becomes polluted when gasses and chemicals from factories and automobiles are leaked into the air. When these toxins and chemicals are mixed with the air, it has a harmful effect. It can create acid rain, which is a type of rain that can destroy crops and plant life.

Humans use water to drink. Water helps our body perform all the functions it needs to do to keep us living and moving. Animals and plants also need water to survive. Water is polluted when people pour chemicals into the water, and when chemicals run-off from the soil into the water. Water is also polluted when trash is dumped into it. Water pollution destroys drinking water. Some parts of the world do not have enough water for people to drink due to water pollution. Water pollution also kills plants and animals that live in the water. Even though water is important to humans, how do humans contribute to polluting water? Discuss your response with your teacher or parent.

Land, water, and air pollution are very dangerous, but you can be a part of the solution. What are things you can do to help prevent land, water, and air pollution? Discuss your ideas with your teacher or parent.

Then, move on to the Got It? section to read a popular story about the effects of pollution on the Earth.

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