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If you're hungry, is a new bicycle going to help? When you expect to get toys for your birthday, what if you get clothes or a toothbrush? Or you want a vacation and get a vaccination? Are needs wants?


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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  • Which of the following is a need?
  • Which is a want?

Sometimes, it can seem hard to tell the difference!

In the previous Needs and Wants lesson, found under Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar, you learned about the difference between needs and wants.

Explain the difference to your teacher or parent.

  • Needs are things humans require to stay alive and healthy.
  • Wants are things we may like to have, but many things we want are not necessary for us to survive.

You also learned there are four things all humans need to live. Tell those four things to your teacher or parent.

All humans need food, water, shelter, and clothing to live. Based on what you have already learned about needs and wants, you should be able to determine that the dog is a want, and the clothes are a need. While it is fun to have a pet, humans do not need pets to survive. On the other hand, they do need clothing to live. In this lesson, you will take a closer look at things humans want.

  • Have you ever created a holiday gift or birthday list? What did you include on your list? What is the purpose of creating a holiday gift or birthday list?

Tell your teacher or parent. If you have created a holiday gift or birthday list, you probably included things such as toys, games, and electronics. These items are all things that people merely want because they are not necessities that people need to live and usually already have. The purpose of creating a holiday gift or birthday list is to let people know the things that you want.

Sometimes, people want objects, like the toys, games, and electronics that you might have included on your holiday or birthday gift list. Other times, people want to do fun things, such as go to the beach or go to an amusement park. These are not things you need to do; rather, they are things you want to do.

  • What are two objects that you want?
  • What are two things you want to do?

Tell your teacher or parent. Explain what makes each of these things wants rather than needs.

Then, move on to the Go! section to continue comparing needs and wants.

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