Ice Melting Experiment

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Imagine a refreshing glass of lemonade with ice cubes on a hot day. What happens to the ice after a while? It seems to disappear! Become a scientist who discovers what materials make ice melt and why!


Scientific Method

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  • Why does ice melt?
  • Do you think you know all the answers?

Try an experiment to find out what makes ice melt!

Ice is frozen water.

When heat is applied to ice, it melts.

  • Did you know there are other ways to melt ice, too?

In this lesson, you will conduct an experiment where you try to melt ice with different ingredients.

ice cubes

All scientists come up with a question before beginning an experiment. This lesson's experimental science question is:

  • What ingredient(s) will melt ice the fastest?"]

This experiment will show you which ingredient(s) make ice melt the fastest. Your goal is to find out which ingredient(s) will make one ice cube completely melt before all the other ice cubes do.

In this experiment, you will see which ingredient(s) causes ice to melt the fastest. You will use sugar, salt, and water to try to melt an ice cube. There will also be an ice cube in an empty bowl during the experiment.

The goal of the experiment is to figure out which ingredient(s) will melt the ice cube the fastest. You will create a hypothesis that will tell what the result of the experiment will be.

Go ahead and make a hypothesis (prediction) about which ingredient(s) will cause the ice to melt the fastest.

Once you have created your hypothesis, move on to the Got It? section to start the experiment.

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