Doubles Facts

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Have you ever seen identical twins? In arithmetic, sometimes you add identical numbers and you need doubles facts! There are fun little rhymes, that help in those times! A song to sing and everything!



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What is the answer to the addition problem below? Do you notice anything interesting about it?

2 + 2 =

Two plus two equals four!

Did you know the problem you saw is a doubles fact? This lesson is all about doubles facts! A doubles fact is any problem where you add the same two numbers together. You will learn some special tricks to help you remember all of your doubles facts!

Take a look at the first problem:

A great way to remember this doubles fact: "One plus one equals two, so think of two eyes looking at you!"

When you see this doubles fact, remember: "Two plus two equals four, like a cute little kitten with four paws on the floor."

If you see this doubles fact, recite, "Three plus three equals six, think of a bug with legs of six."

When you see this doubles fact, say to yourself, "Four plus four equals eight, run from the spider with legs of eight!"

Five and five is an easy one, "Five plus five is ten, count on one hand and count it again!

When you think of, "Six plus six is twelve, picture a dozen donuts, glazed, on a shelf!"

What about, "Seven plus seven equals fourteen? Seven merry maids keeping fourteen rooms clean!"

"Eight plus eight equals sixteen, think about colored pencils from red to green!"

If you ever see, "Nine plus nine equals eighteen, think of the biggest truck you have ever seen!"

The last one is easy! "Ten plus ten is twenty. Your fingers and toes add up to plenty!"

Doubles facts aren't so hard, can't you see! When you know all the tricks, it's really EZ!

Next time you see a problem where you have to add two of the same numbers, remember the special tricks you learned!

Move on to the Got It? section to learn a new song and practice solving doubles facts.

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