Location: Beside and Next To

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Do you ever stand in line? Do you stand on top of people? You don't stand under people, either! Do you sit on top of someone at the table? Learn about "beside" and "next to," and get out your paints!


Plane Geometry (2D), Solid Geometry (3D)

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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Where is the little horse standing in relation to his mom?

In the previous Related Lessons in the Location series, located in the right-hand sidebar, you learned how to identify objects that are in different positions.

You have come a long way learning about objects in different positions. Now, you will learn about objects that are beside and next to each other.

You saw a picture of two horses. These two horses are close together. There are two ways to describe where the horses are.

The big horse is beside the little horse. You can also say the big horse is next to the little horse. The word "beside" means the same thing as next to and near:


Look at the puppies below. These puppies are next to each other. What is another way you can say "next to"? Tell your parent or teacher:


That's correct! You can say the puppies are beside each other.

Take a look at the children below. They are eating lunch together. The children are sitting beside each other. What is another way to describe how the children are sitting? Share your answer with your parent or teacher:

lunch time

Great work! You can say the children are sitting next to each other.

You will look at one more example before you move on to the Got It? section. Look at the monkeys below. How would you describe their location using the words you learned in this lesson? Tell your parent or teacher:


That's right! You could have said, "The monkeys are beside each other" or "The monkeys are next to each other."

You did a really good job using the words "beside" and "next to." You can use both of those words to describe the location of objects, animals, and people.

In the Go! section, you will be doing some photography!

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