Location: Above and Below

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Do you think it would look funny if the sky were below your feet and your floor were above your head? Would you sleep under your bed? Some things are above; others are below. Draw and watch and learn!


Plane Geometry (2D), Solid Geometry (3D)

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  • Is the little girl, in the picture above, above or below the blanket?
  • Which would make her warmer?

In the previous Related Lessons in the Location series, located in the right-hand sidebar, you learned how to identify objects that are in different positions.

Before you start this lesson, show your parent or teacher an object that is inside of another object, an object that is outside of another object, something that is on top, something that is in the middle, and something that is on the bottom.

When you are finished showing your parent or teacher, read on to learn about objects that are above and objects that are below.

Take a look at the little girl that is sleeping in the picture below. She is below the blanket. Below is another way of saying underneath or under. The little girl is underneath the blanket:

girl asleep

Take a look at the next picture. The eagle is flying above the water. The eagle is not touching the water, it is above the water:


  • Where is the jogger?
  • Is the jogger above or below the bridge?
  • How do you know?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher:


That's right! The jogger is below the bridge. You can tell the jogger is below the bridge, because you can see the bridge above the jogger.

  • Where is the kite?
  • Is it above the ground or below the ground?
  • How do you know?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher:

kite flying

Great work! You can see that the kite is flying above the ground. If it were below the ground, it would be underneath the soil. It would be hard to fly a kite if it were stuck underground!

You looked at some fun examples of things that are above and things that are below. In the Got It? section, you will watch a video about above and below, and then you will play a game.

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