Building Ten with Ten Frames

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Do you know how many fingers or toes you have? Do you know how to add numbers to get the answer 10? Play an online game and get out your playdough to learn an easy way to show number problems with 10!


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  • Do you know what the picture below shows?

  • Did you know the pictures above and below are both ten frames?

A ten frame is a great tool for creating ten in multiple ways. A full ten frame will always equal ten.

You can use a ten frame to practice making different math problems that add up to ten. Look at how ten is created below:

The yellow dots and red dots add up to ten. Five yellow dots plus five red dots equals ten dots total.

  • How is ten made below?

Tell your parent or teacher the addition problem displayed using the ten frame below:

  • Did you say the addition problem the ten frame represents is seven plus three equals ten (7 + 3 = 10)?

Fantastic! Seven yellow dots plus three red dots equals ten.

  • What addition problem is shown below?

Tell your parent or teacher the answer:

The ten frame above represents the problem four plus six equals ten (4 + 6 = 10).

  • Did you figure out the answer?


There are many ways to make ten on a ten frame.

Watch this video to learn more about the ten frame!

10 Frames for Kindergarten Kids Adding Counting Using Ten Frames from Promoting Success:

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Move on to the next section to practice adding to make ten on a ten frame.

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