Two-Dimensional Shapes: Part 4

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What shape are your shapes in? After completing all 4 lessons, you should know a ton of two-dimensional shapes and be able to name them in seconds FLAT! Sing and dance and play and make a shape book!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


During this lesson, you will be reviewing the shapes you learned, playing review games, and creating a final project with all the shapes you know.

See if you can name all thirteen shapes you have learned!

Let's review all of the two-dimensional shapes you learned during the previous Related Lessons!

Before you start, tell an adult what "two-dimensional" means. If you said, "Two-dimensional means a shape is flat," you are correct!

The shapes below are squares. A square has four sides that are equal in length. Trace an invisible square in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are circles. Circles are perfectly round. Trace an invisible circle in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are triangles. Triangles have three sides. Trace an invisible triangle in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are rectangles. Rectangles have four sides. Rectangles are similar to squares, but their side lengths are not all the same length. Trace an invisible rectangle in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are ovals. Ovals are not perfectly round like circles. Ovals look similar to a squished circle or an egg. Trace an invisible oval in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are rhombuses. Rhombuses have four sides. Rhombuses look similar to a squished square that is turned on its side. Trace an invisible rhombus in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are trapezoids. Trapezoids have four sides. Two of the sides face opposite directions. Trace an invisible trapezoid in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are pentagons. Pentagons have five sides. Trace an invisible pentagon in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are hexagons. Hexagons have six sides. Trace an invisible hexagon in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are heptagons. Heptagons have seven sides. Trace an invisible heptagon in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are octagons. Octagons have eight sides. Trace an invisible octagon in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are nonagons. Nonagons have nine sides. Trace an invisible nonagon in the air to help you remember.


The shapes below are decagons. Decagons have ten sides. Trace an invisible decagon in the air to help you remember.


Excellent job! You reviewed all thirteen of the shapes you have learned!

Move on to the next section to watch some review videos and play some review games!

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