Money: Adding Coins

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When you purchase something using coins, you must have at least the correct amount of money to pay the price. Find out how to sort and add coins so you can pay the right amount to cover the cost!


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  • What are the values of each of the coins below?
  • Are the bigger ones worth more than the smaller ones?

In this lesson, you will be adding mixed groups of coins. This means you have to pay attention to the value of each coin!

You should know the names of the coins, the values of the coins, and how to compare groups of coins.

If you need a reminder, check the chart below.

Great job reviewing the names and values of each coin.

You are ready to start looking at some mixed groups of coins. This will help you use coins to pay for things at the store.

Look at how the mixed group of coins is broken down below.

  • Can you see how each coin value was written and then added together?

You will need to write the values of the coins and add them together throughout the lesson.

One strategy that will make this easier is to add all the coins that are the same together first.

For example, if you have a group of three pennies and two nickels, you want to add up all the pennies. After adding the pennies, add the nickels together. Then, add the three cents (pennies) to the ten cents (nickels), and you will have thirteen cents.

Take a look at another example. The next problem has two groups of coins.

  • Did you see how each coin has its value written below it?

All these values were added together to find the total value of the group of coins.

Once the second group was added up together, the total value of the first and second groups were compared to see which group was worth more. 22 is more than 8, so the second group was worth more than the first group.

Look again at how the problems were broken down.

You must apply this skill in the next two sections! Got It? Then, go!

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