Missing Operations

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Learn a few tricks to find the missing information in math equations. You'll complete an online activity and test. Guess what? You are doing algebra!



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Can you solve problems when you are missing important information?
It's okay if you said, "No way!" but there is a way.

You can solve math problems with missing information or symbols, and it's not as hard as you may think!

It is possible to solve math equations that are missing information. That’s algebra! You just need to know a couple of tricks to help you do it.

Go through this step-by-step activity on the Scholastic Study Jams page called Determine the Missing Operation in an Equation to learn how to solve equations where the operational symbol is missing.

  1. Click on the green "Step by Step!" circle to begin. Use the "Show Me" and "Next" buttons to navigate through the steps.
  2. Click on the "Watch Out!" tab and follow along with the process by using the "Next" button and down arrow.
  3. Keep the Scholastic Study Jams page open in a separate window to use again later in the lesson.


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