The Olympics

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Every four years, the world comes together over great athletes, exciting games, and vibrant pageantry. How did this begin? Watch poignant moments and create an ancient Greek sports magazine!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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The Olympic games make people cheer and, sometimes, cry. Watch the video below to see some inspirational moments.

  • What makes each of these moments in modern Olympic history so powerful?

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The Olympics are a source of unity for many nations worldwide.

Every four years, the games give people worldwide a sense of belonging and togetherness, even as they cheer for their home team to win the gold!

The purpose of the Olympics has changed over the centuries. The games were not played for hundreds of years until they were revived in modern times.

Learn more about the history of The Olympic Games. As you read, collect and record information to answer the following questions.

  • Where were the original Olympic games played?
  • What was the original purpose of the Olympic games?
  • How were the Olympic games revived?
  • What was the purpose of reviving the games in modern times?

Then, reflect on the following questions.

  • What role did sports play in the ancient world?
  • Why do the Olympics remain so popular with fans today?

You've had the chance to get an overview of the Olympic games over the centuries. In the Got It? section, zero in on the competitions that made up the original Olympiad.

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