Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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What does a baby butterfly look like? Do you think you may have seen one? Where do baby butterflies come from? Watch some amazing videos, read and play online, and create a "butterfly's life" project!


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Did you know caterpillars, even though they look like worms, turn into butterflies?


Have you ever seen a caterpillar?

Where did you see it? Share your story with your parent or teacher.

Did you know caterpillars come from tiny, round eggs? All insects lay eggs and hatch from eggs. Can you think of some other animals that hatch from eggs? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

Do you see the eggs on the leaf below? These little eggs will hatch into caterpillars:

caterpillar eggs

When a butterfly is a caterpillar, it is in the larval stage of its life cycle. While it is a caterpillar, it will spend most of its time eating! They eat lots and lots of food to get all the nutrients they need. They use these nutrients to help them grow larger and prepare for the next stage of their life cycle.

Watch the My happy pet Caterpillar eating lettuce leaves by The Ultimate Variety ChannelTM video below to see a happy caterpillar snacking on some leaves:


After the caterpillar has eaten and grown, it will create a chrysalis. This is called the pupal stage. The caterpillar stays inside the chrysalis until it has grown into a butterfly. Watch the Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis time-lapse FYV 1080 HD by FrontYardVideo video below to see a monarch caterpillar building a chrysalis and transforming into a butterfly:


Fantastic! You learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. Before moving on to the next section, tell your parent or teacher what hatches out of butterfly eggs!

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