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You have written a great "How To" book, and, of course you want people to read it. How do you get it to them? You publish it! Videos show you how to edit and present your "yummy" book to your readers!



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You are now a "How To" writing expert! Now what? How can you share your writing with your friends and family?
How can you make sure your writing is free of mistakes? Publishing! Are you ready to learn how to publish?

When authors publish their writing, not only do they put it in a format that they can easily share with others, but they also review it for mistakes, such as capitalization, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Watch Editing Writing for Kids! {First and Second Grade} by Teaching Without Frills to learn more about editing:

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Next, edit the sentence below by writing it correctly in your journal:

"I wil go to the park wit My friends?"

How many mistakes did you find? Let's look at it carefully.

  • "Will" is spelled incorrectly, because it only has one "l."
  • "With" is spelled incorrectly — it is missing the "h" at the end.
  • Should the "m" in "my" be capitalized? No! Of course not! It is not a proper noun (someone's name, or the name of a place), nor is it at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Finally, is this sentence a question? It is not! This sentence needs a period, not a question mark (?) at the end.
  • So, this sentence has four mistakes. Did you find them all? Great work!

In the next section, you will write a piece and review your work to correct your capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

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