Digging into Historical Fiction

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If history actually happened, how can it be fiction? It isn't, but the most exciting fiction stories are based on historical facts! They paint a picture of the past, like you will do in this lesson!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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  • If you could go back to any historical period, which would you choose?

There is a way to go back and experience what life was like during a particular time: the exciting and increasingly popular genre of historical fiction!

Fiction writers are, in a way, like visual artists.

They paint a scene, sometimes in such detail that you could reach out and touch the imaginary world they have portrayed. Instead of brushes and paints, they use words.

As you watch the following video on setting in a story, answer these questions in your notebook.

  • Why is setting important?
  • What are the different aspects of the setting?
  • How do writers create a setting?

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Ask an adult to describe a scene they can recall from earlier life if you can.

Perhaps ask them to describe the most beautiful scene they have ever witnessed. Have them elaborate with more details, then even more!

Now, continue to the Got It? section to examine some fiction works!

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