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Something Persuasive This Way Comes

Learn the ins and outs of persuasive writing with Macbeth as your guide.

Jumpstart Writing: Text Types and Purposes, Production and Distribution of Writing, Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Range of Writing
CCSS 9-10.W.1.a-e; 9-10.W.3.b; 9-10.W.4-5; 9-10.W.7-8; 9-10.W.10

Resource Subject
1 Digging into Historical Fiction English / Language Arts
2 Macbeth Persuasive Essay: Brainstorming English / Language Arts
3 Macbeth Persuasive Essay: Finding Secondary Sources English / Language Arts
4 Macbeth Persuasive Essay: Drafting English / Language Arts
5 Macbeth Persuasive Essay: Adding Sources and In-text Citations English / Language Arts
6 Macbeth Persuasive Essay: Works Cited and Revisions English / Language Arts