Segmenting Sounds in Words

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Did you know counting can help you read? Watch a video, play some games, and practice naming sounds to become a better reader!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • How many sounds do you hear in the word "suds"?

You may have said the word "suds" has four sounds in it.

That is correct! Listen /s/ /u/ /d/ /s/.

In this lesson, you will practice listening to words and naming all the sounds in the word. If you need to review the first Related Lesson in our Blending and Segmenting series, find it in the right-hand sidebar.

First, watch this Blending CVC words with Starfall (e.g., /c/a/t/): phoneme substitution, deletion, and blending video from Starfall Education Foundation to practice listening to all the sounds you hear in a word:


Now that you watched the video and saw how listening to the sounds in words can help you read, you are ready for more practice in the Got It? section!

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