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An Elephant In Orange Underpants? What can you learn from that? How about ants? Fun videos and songs, online practice and Funny Fish worksheets teach you about the little Vowel Family of the alphabet!



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Today, you're going to learn about the Vowel Family!

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Let's go!

I know you've been singing the alphabet since you were little.

You're an Alphabet Expert!

If you want to review, watch this Sesame Street: Sing the Alphabet Song! video (below). I'll bet you'll be singing along with the tune!

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Our alphabet has 26 letters. You will remember from our previous lesson that there are 21 consonants in our alphabet. To review, watch Learn the Consonants Song for Kids by Teaching Songs (below):

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Today, we're going to learn about the letters in the Vowel Family. Did you know that five letters are in the Vowel Family? That's a lot less than the Consonant Family!

However, sometimes there is a crazy Vowel cousin who likes to hang out with his Vowel relatives and bring the family total to six. At other times, he likes to hang out with the Consonant Family. Are you ready to meet the Vowel Family?

Check out this Vowels Song - Preschool Prep Company by the Preschool Prep Company:

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  • Did you catch them all?

Here are the members of the Vowel Family: a, e, i, o, u, and (sometimes) y!

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