Beginning and Ending Sounds

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LoiS LearnS LotS from LessonS! Do those words have the same sounds? To be a good reader and writer, you need to learn the beginning and ending sounds of words. Play fun games and learn lots like Lois!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Look at each picture. Say the name of the objects you see.

mouse and moon

Slowly say the names of both objects again.

  • Do they share the same beginning sound or the same ending sound?

You may click on the blue button below as many times as you need, to hear where the sounds match!

If you listen closely, you will hear mouse and moon both start with the m sound.

Now, say each word again, but this time, give that m sound a whole lot of emphasis. Say mmmmouse. Now say mmmmoon.

Learning to hear the beginning and the ending sounds of words will help you become an expert reader and speller! In this lesson, you will be listening for — and reviewing — beginning and ending sounds.

Let's begin by watching a fun video about beginning sounds!

Watch Phonics Beginning Sounds | Learn Phonics For Kids | Alphabet Sounds from Pebbles Kids Learning:

Next, see if you can pick the letter that makes the beginning sound of the pictured item's name below.

Great! Way to go.

Next, let's learn more about ending sounds. Watch Ending sounds phonics chant - P, B, M, T, D, N from MindSet Education:

Now, let's see if you can pick the letter that makes the ending sound of the pictured item's name below.

Great work again!

If you want more practice listening for the ending sounds, play Ending Sounds Hopper by Help Cuz-Cuz get dirty by finding the words with the same ending sound. Pay special attention to the sound that ends the word.

Next, move on to the Got It? section to practice more with beginning and ending sounds!

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