Tundra: Review

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If you've finished the first three lessons in the Tundra series, you have the facts down cold! You are ready to "Build a Biome" online then write a book about your favorite tundra animals and plants!


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Wow! You've learned a lot of information about the icy cold tundra! Now it's time to review and think about everything you know about the tundra, and use your new knowledge to create a fantastic final project!

Let's review what you know about the tundra.

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How many did you get correct?

  • If you got eight to ten correct, you are definitely ready to complete this unit.
  • If you got five to seven correct, you may want to go back and read through the previous Related Lessons found in the right-hand sidebar.
  • If you got less than five correct, you will need to go back and read through the first three Related Lessons again.

Move on to the Got It? section to review more information about the tundra.

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