The Destruction of Pompeii

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How can a filmmaker or writer produce a piece about an event that happened so long ago? How are you going to write your graphic novel at the end of this lesson? Learn how to research historical facts!



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Hollywood loves to make historical epics. Films like Gladiator, Titanic, and Hidalgo brought great historical moments into the present (albeit with a little bit of creative license).

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Suppose you were asked to make a comic book about the lost city of Pompeii.

  • Where would you turn for information?
  • How would you know what to write about or what you should draw?

This is where your skills as a historian come in!

People who make historical films have a lot of work to do!

They have to recreate a world that no longer exists, and they have to make sure none of the tell-tale aspects of our present-day world creep in.

Take a look at this movie clip from the film Lincoln. As you watch, make a list of all the things the filmmaker must know about to make the film historically accurate.

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Now think about if you were making a historical film like Lincoln.

  • Where would you turn to find the most accurate historical information to cover all those details?

History is an important aspect in many books, movies, plays, and other depictions. Historians are the real stars behind some of the great films of our time!

Continue to the Got It? section to dig into an ancient city that was buried in an unusual way!

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