Describing Words in Writing

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Are you ready for a creative, fun, useful, clever, tasty, thoughtful, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious lesson on using describing words? Then get a pencil and some snacks, and discover adjectives!



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Click on the white, audio play button triangles below. Then, close your eyes as you listen to the two short descriptions of a garden:

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  • What do you feel as you hear each description of the garden?

If writers are really good, you can feel, see, and almost smell whatever they are describing.

  • Could you picture the gardens as you were listening to each description?

Using describing words, called adjectives, makes a story much more exciting to read!

Check out this video about Adjectives – English Grammar for Kids (Common Core) (K-3). As you are listening to the video below, make a list of the adjectives you hear:

Image - Video

Let's now practice using adjectives in your sentences.

Read the sentences below. Think about what adjectives you could use to describe the sentences in order to help the reader create more of a picture in his or her head.

  1. The teacher was scary.
  2. The lion ate the lizard.
  3. My ice cream melted on the floor.

Creating sentences with adjectives is fun!

Let's listen to a fun book called Hairy, Scary, Ordinary!, by Brain P. Cleary. As you are listening to the book, listen extra-carefully for new words you might not know the meaning of:

Image - Video

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