Mary Had a Little Lamb

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Do you have a pet? Maybe so, maybe not yet? What would you do with a lamb? Name it Abraham? Join Mary and her lamb to learn about rhyming words, and then you can make your own version of their story!



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Watch this Mary Had a Little Lamb video. If you know the rhyme, sing along:

Welcome back to the Nursery Rhymes series!

In the last Related Lesson, found in the right-hand sidebar, you were introduced to rhyming words with Humpty Dumpty. Do you remember what it means that two words rhyme?

Turn and tell your teacher what it means when two words rhyme.

Two words rhyme if they are different words that end with the same sound, like "fox" and "box."

Listen: fox, box. These words rhyme. They both end with the -ox sound.

In this lesson, you will practice rhyming more words, but first you need to get your listening ears ready!

To begin, you will play a game. In this game, your teacher will tell you two words.* You will listen to the words and decide if they are the same word or different words. Tell your teacher if the words are the same or different. Remember, you are listening to the words to tell if they are the same or different.

*Note to parent or teacher: Say the two words and allow time for the student to respond by saying "Same" or "Different." This will help the student identify ending sounds in words later in this lesson.

Teacher: miss/miss Student: same
Teacher: box/mop Student: different
Teacher: sit/sit Student: same
Teacher: cat/hat Student: different
Teacher: box/socks Student: different

Wow! You are able to tell if two words are the same or different! Great work!

Now that your listening ears are warmed up, you are ready to work on rhyming words!

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