A Republican Decade

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Which political party is perfect? Which candidate is perfect? What issues are most important? Examine three 1920s Republican presidents and their accomplishments, then "tweet" as if you were them!


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  • How would you describe an ideal presidential candidate?
  • What qualities, skills, and qualifications are important to you?
  • Are there certain values or viewpoints this person must uphold?
  • Does age, sex, or religion matter?

After President Wilson completed his second term in 1921, Republican presidents continued to serve the United States until 1933.

Although Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover all represented the same political party, there were many differences amongst them.

As Woodrow Wilson completed his presidency, America was still recovering from WWI and the impact of influenza.

Warren G. Harding promised a "return to normalcy." This statement includes a lot of important information but does not flow very well. However, with the focus on America's heroes, the strengthening of the women's suffrage movement, the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance, and Prohibition (and the violent crime that ensued as a result of Prohibition), the 1920s can hardly be described as normal!

As you may have learned, the 1920s were marked by a booming economy. Some of the credit for the strength of the market was given to Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, due to their support of big business.

Learn about each of these three men, pictured below (user slider beneath to see all three):

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  1. Create three columns on a page, each heading including a different name: "Harding," "Coolidge," and "Hoover."
  2. Take notes in these columns as you learn.
  3. Start with the White House resources:
  4. Continue your note-taking while watching these PBS Presidents videos:

Warren G. Harding | 60-Second Presidents | PBS:

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Calvin Coolidge | 60-Second Presidents | PBS:

Image - Video

Herbert Hoover | 60-Second Presidents | PBS:

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Besides loosening regulations on businesses, all three presidents cut taxes in the hope of getting more money into the hands of the people. They led during a tumultuous time, and, as you have learned, they all had various domestic and foreign accomplishments and issues.

In the Got It? section, you will use your notes to take a look at some of the things these past presidents may have revered and regretted.

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