Who Was Andrew Jackson?

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Andrew Jackson was a "hot head;" you might say he had a "duel" personality! Think about how a president's character affects his performance, then create a flier for or against Jackson for President!


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Andrew Jackson, a good old-fashioned Southern man, carried out the tradition of challenging men to a fight to the death, otherwise known as a duel.

Jackson was involved in a few duels, and carried two bullets in his body as proof.He killed one man after being struck in the chest, just an inch from his heart. Jackson thoroughly enjoyed a fight, and often was the instigator.

  • So, how did this man come to be the President of the United States?
  • How many fights did he cause during his eight years as commander-in-chief?

Let's find out!

Think about the ramifications that being a "hot head" could mean to the president.

Write a journal entry about what it would mean for a political situation if the leader of the country has an anger issue.

Andrew Jackson’s life and contributions to U.S. history

  • What do you already know about Andrew Jackson?

Make a list of the facts you already know about Andrew Jackson. This should only be what you know and not what you look up (no Googling!).

  • Did you know that Andrew Jackson’s parents emigrated from Ireland, and two states claim he was born in their state?
  • Do your nationality and birthplace truly matter?
  • Do they help shape who you are or what you become?

Think this over and discuss your thoughts with your teacher or another adult.

While you watch The Disney American Presidents: Andrew Jackson (Edited) (below), take notes on facts about Andrew Jackson:

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Now that you have learned some interesting facts about Mr. Jackson, let's do some writing!

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