Equal Parts or Shares

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What can you learn from sharing a pizza equally among friends? You can learn kindness, and you can learn about fractions! Watch and learn and try the different ways to show equal parts of a whole!


Fractions and Operations, Math

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You want to share your pizza with friends, and want each person to have the same-size slice (so there is no arguing!). How can you divide a pizza into equal parts, or shares?

  • Can you think of a time when you have seen equal parts?
  • Have you ever shared a cookie with a friend, or ordered a pizza with your family?

Perhaps the windows in your house are divided into two or four equal parts, or shares. Share your ideas with your teacher, parent, or anyone!

Now, watch "Fractions: Introducing Parts of a Whole" a Starfall™ Movie from Starfall.com, Starfall Education Foundation, to see how a pizza can be divided in different ways to make equal parts:

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