Sir Isaac Newton

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We all know about the apple on the head, and Fig Newtons, but what is the truth about Sir Isaac Newton? Learn about this great scientist and his influence 100s of years later, and make a presentation!


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This is the picture of one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. Who was he, and what did he do that was so important? Let's find out!

In this series titled All About Energy and Motion, you will investigate Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion.

Before you begin studying the laws of motion in future lessons, it is important to get to know the person who created these scientific laws!

Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and scientist who lived during part of the 1600-1700s. Today, many agree his work consisted of some of the most important contributions to the field of physics ever.

Learn about the life and scientific contributions of Sir Isaac Newton by watching the's documentary, Isaac Newton - Mini Biography:


Read more about the life and legacy of Sir Isaac Newton on Ducksters' Biographies for Kids - Isaac Newton, and Famous Scientists' Isaac Newton.

  • What were some of Isaac Newton's most significant contributions to the field of science?
  • How are his ideas still used today?

Discuss these questions with your teacher or parent, then continue on to the Got It? section.

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