Magic with Magnets!

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Can you move a big rock without touching it? How about a tiny rock? Surely, you can move a small magnet without touching it! No? With a little help from an "attractive" friend, you can make it move!


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Question: Where do magnets play baseball?

Give up? Keep reading to find out!

As you learned in the previous Magnets lesson, found under Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar, magnets can be found almost everywhere!

Although their strength may vary, magnets are known for their ability to attract and repel magnetic materials —including other magnets — with magnetic force.

  • Do you think a magnet could have a force so strong that it would pass straight through a solid object?

Let’s check it out!

But quick! Dr. Z needs YOUR help! He’s in a race to see how he can move the magnets over the finish line without using his hands! Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s Dr. Z; he IS crazy about science experiments!

So, will you help him or not? Let’s join Dr. Z to see just what is going on in his crazy lab with magnets!


Wow! Not only are magnets able to pull things in from a distance (as seen below), but they can “connect” through cardboard!

magnet pulling pennies

The magnetic fields of magnets are able to work even through cardboard! However, this doesn’t work for all surfaces, because some surfaces may be too thick — or sometimes, be magnetic themselves — so that the magnetic fields of magnets may be too weak to travel through them.

All of this talk reminds me of the joke from earlier!

  • Are you ready to hear the answer?

Move on to the Got It? section and keep reading; you're almost there!

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