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Google Sheets are not made to cover your bed and keep you warm! They are spreadsheets that cover your data and keep you organized! Accessible from any place at any time, Google Sheets got you covered!



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Techy Fact

In 2010, the United States Air Force used 1,760 PlayStation 3s to build a supercomputer for the Department of Defense. They used PS3s because it was more cost efficient and green. Look at that — a video gaming system used for something OTHER than simple entertainment! Technology rules the world!

Google Sheets are the answer to so many questions!

Spreadsheets are a handy way to sort and keep track of all kinds of information.

Your parents, teacher, doctor, and even your grandparents use spreadsheets either at work or at home to help them stay organized. Many people use software like Microsoft Excel to make spreadsheets, but what happens if, for example, your doctor creates a spreadsheet on all of his patients' vaccine histories while he is at home using his laptop, and you go to his office for your vaccines, but he needs to see which you need after realizing he left his laptop at home?

Now, what if you were the one who created a really cool spreadsheet of information for school or your sports team, and you really want to show everyone, but you left it at home, unprinted, unedited on your computer?

Think about these situations that could happen to you at any time:

  • What if I get somewhere and forgot to print my spreadsheet?
  • What if I need to work with someone else on a project that needs a spreadsheet but we don't live near each other?
  • What if I want to have someone proofread my spreadsheet?

All of these situations can easily be avoided if you use Google Sheets! With Google Sheets, you can:

  • Log into Google and print from your Google Drive!
  • Create a shared Google Sheet where both of you can edit it and make changes!
  • Share it on Google Sheets with them and they can edit and make changes!

In the first Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar, you learned what Google is and how to use Google Docs. Now let's explore Google Sheets!

View the How to Use Google Sheets- Google Essentials slideshow below. Pay close attention to the directions so you can create your very own Google Sheet!

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