How to Use Google Docs - Google Essentials

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Once you stop giggling at the name "Google Docs," you will see how handy it is to have a place to store and work on documents from any place at any time. Learn the convenience of online collaboration!



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Techy Fact

According to, a Google staffer is commonly referred to as a "Googler," while a new team member joins as a "Noogler." Nooglers also used to wear a colorful hat with a spinner on top. According to a former employee, those hats are now pretty scarce in some offices; instead: "Every Noogler gets a yellow smiley balloon and a nameplate."

Google Docs are the answer to so many questions!

  • What if I get somewhere and forgot to print my paper?

Log into Google and print from Google Docs!

  • What if I need to work with someone else on a project, but we don't live near each other?

Create a shared Google Doc where both of you can edit it and make changes!

  • What if I want to have someone proofread my paper?

Share it with them on Google Docs and they can edit and make changes!

View the How to Use Google Docs - Google Essentials slideshow below. Pay close attention to the directions so you can create your very own Google Doc!

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