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Save it here, copy it there, lose the flash drive . . . is there no easy alternative? Google Drive to the rescue! Learn how to store your files online, where you can access them any time, any place!



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Techy Fact

There are more than one billion computers in use. There are about two billion TV sets in use. There are more than four billion cell phones in use. About three million cell phones are sold every day. This tells us that smaller, more compact devices are more popular than the home-based ones.

  • How many devices can you count in your house?

Think of what your life would be like without them!

Your files are important to you.

Files are things you have created — like a letter to your mom, or a list of gift ideas — that you want to be able to open and change.

  • Have you ever created a file, then saved it to a desktop of a computer, and the next time you wanted to access it, you couldn't because you were on a different computer?

If you upload your files to your Google Drive, you can access them from any computer with an Internet connection.

Let's check it out!

  • Have you ever typed an assignment, then forgot to print it when you left the house?
  • What if you have a picture you want to show your friend, but it is on your computer and you don't want to take your computer to his or her house?
  • What if you wanted to share a story you are writing, but you don't want to re-type the whole thing?

Uploading to your Google Drive is the best way for you to solve all of these problems!

Start by viewing the How to Upload Into Google Docs slideshow below. Pay close attention to the directions, so you can upload a file or a picture that already exists on your computer.

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