Getting to Know Greek Gods: Monsters

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As if some of the Greek gods and goddesses were not weird enough, they had monsters as well! Some were harmless, some scary! Get to know them, then pair them in battle, and even create your own freak!



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The gods and mortals weren't the only ones inhabiting ancient Greece! There was an entire category of non-humans and non-gods known as the monsters.

These monsters ranged from the harmless to the downright scary! Read on and find out who they were!

So far in our Greek Mythology series of Related Lessons found in the right-hand sidebar, you've learned about the gods and mortals that inhabited ancient Greek mythology, but there were also some monsters that were part of the myths, too!

Some were harmless, but several were deadly, and a threat to both mortals and gods. Now it's time to learn about who these monsters were and how they interacted with the gods and humans of Greek mythology.

Click on the following links from to learn more about the other creatures inhabiting ancient Greek mythology!


The Monsters (GREEK-GODS.INFO)

After reading about these monsters, choose two of them to describe. Write down the physical features of the two monsters, where they lived, and what their role was in Greek mythology.

If you are interested in knowing more about the monsters and lesser-known monsters, you can follow this link to Monsters of Greek Mythology at

Once you've read about and discussed these monsters with your parent or teacher, move on to the Got It? section and check your knowledge about these monsters.

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