Getting to Know Greek Gods: Introduction to Mythology

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A Greek myth is a story made up by the ancients to explain the world. Where do these stories come from? Stop in and meet the players in ancient Greek mythology!


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Zeus. Hercules. Athena. Hades. Cyclops.

You probably recognize some of these names.

  • What do all these names have in common?
  • What is mythology?

Mythology is more than just a set of stories. It played an important part in the life of everyday ancient Greek citizens.

Even today, monuments to the gods still stand in Greece. The Parthenon, which was dedicated to the goddess Athena, is pictured below.


Mythology is part of the genre of folklore, stories that explain a society's origin or natural phenomena. These stories, however, are often treated as true by ancient societies.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Explore the slides below for background on Greek myths and the role they played in ancient Greece.

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  • What were the ancient Greeks like?

Since mythology grows out of the culture and society in which it is created, it is important to understand the lifestyle and attitudes of the ancient Greeks. Learn more as you explore Greek Culture.

map of Greece

  • What did ancient Greece look like?

The unique geography of ancient Greece significantly influenced the development of its culture, which in turn influenced the development of mythological stories.

Since Greece was surrounded by water, many myths include water in one form or another, and numerous gods and monsters lived in and around the water.

Greece also has many mountains and forests that the ancient Greeks populated with gods and monsters from mythology. The most influential gods, including Zeus, were said to live on the highest point in all of Greece, Mount Olympus.

Watch the video below for more interesting facts.

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If you want to look up any term in Greek mythology, you can use the Encyclopedia Mythica, which has a comprehensive list of descriptions for every name and location used in Greek mythology.

Now that you've read about the foundations of Greek mythology, move on to the Got It? section to check your knowledge!

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