Descriptive Language

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Painting a picture without a brush is like telling a story without descriptive words. BOR-ING! You will now read some classic stories online and chart your ideas, then write your own compelling story!



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Have you ever felt lost in a story, like you've been carried away to another time and place? A good author can make you feel like you are seeing and feeling the world in which story characters live and interact.

Look around and imagine you are describing your space to someone on the telephone.

What forms and colors do you see? What information are you taking in with your senses? What movements do you see, and how are you interacting with the world around you?

Make a list, in words or phrases, of all the impressions that are entering your senses. Record them on the Sensory Record  activity sheet, located in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Does the language you chose "paint a picture" for a reader? Share your Sensory Record with your parents or teacher and get their feedback. What else could you include to communicate your experience to them? Add any new ideas to your list.

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