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Stanza Strut

Strut your poetry aptitude with this badge!

Jumpstart Reading Informational: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure; Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
CCSS 11-12.RI.3; 11-12.RI.4; 11-12.L.4.a; 11-12.L.4.d; 11-12.L.5.a; 11-12.L.6

Resource Subject
1 What Makes a Poem a Poem? English / Language Arts
2 Reading Strategy: Here's What. So What? Reading
3 The Poetry of Walt Whitman Reading
4 Descriptive Language English / Language Arts
5 Classifying Figures of Speech English / Language Arts
6 Literary Devices: Euphemism, Paradox, Oxymoron, and Hyperbole English / Language Arts