Prime Factorization

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How do prime numbers "factor" into your life? Numbers have unique fingerprints, and you will learn about them by watching a video, playing online games, online practice, and, of course, your computer!


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Did you know that, just like you have a unique fingerprint, numbers also have a unique fingerprint? It is called their prime factorization.

Other than zero (0) and one (1), all numbers have a prime factorization.

Share with your parent or teacher the definition of a prime number. If you need help recalling what a prime number is, you can look it up on the Internet or ask your parent or teacher. There is also a Bridgeway Resource Center lesson called "Prime Suspects" that can help you review your prime and composite numbers.

Each number can be broken down into factors of prime numbers, which is what a prime factorization consists of. Look at the example below:

After looking at the example above and carefully reading the box of instructions on the left, watch this great Math Antics - Prime Factorization video to help you review:


After watching the video, what was the definition of prime factorization that he used? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

If you said, "The set of prime numbers multiplied together to get another number," you are correct! If you said, "The action of finding the set of prime numbers multiplied to get a number," you are also correct!

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